Houston International Fashion Week 2013 features Queen Of The Brides Collection

Queen Of The Brides presented their renowned fashion collection representing royalty at Houston Community Fashion Week on August 3, 2013 at Fifth Street Community Center (3110 5th Street, Stafford TX 77477).qob-hifw2013-0b

The company released several new Egyptian inspired bridal designs at Houston International grand fashion extravaganza including wedding gowns representing Egyptian Queen Isis, Queen Nefertari, Pharoah – Ramesses the Great, and Princess Neferneferuaten Tasherit.

egyptian bridal dress, egyptian wedding gownGown and jewelry represents Egyptian Queen and Goddess Isis. The name Isis means “Throne” and her headdress is a throne. As the personification of the throne, Isis was an important representation of the Pharaoh’s (King’s) power.

Queen Nefertari Gown of ancient Egypt by Queen Of The BridesGown, Veil and Necklace by Queen of the brides representing Egyptian Queen Nefertari, the great royal wife and favorite Queen of Ramesses II whom we today call Ramesses the Great, the most powerful Pharaoh (King) to ever rule ancient Egypt.

Representing Egyptian Pharoah (King) - Rameses The GreatRepresenting Egyptian Pharoah – Ramesses the Great

Neferneferuaten Tasherit DressRepresenting Egyptian princess Neferneferuaten Tasherit or Neferneferuaten junior.

qob-hifw2013-4aNeferneferuaten Tasherit was an Ancient Egyptian princess of the 18th dynasty and the fourth daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten and his Great Royal Wife Nefertiti.

QOB-HIFW2013-2bGown, Necklace, and Headpiece representing Egyptian Queen Cleopatra VII, the last Pharoah of ancient Egypt. She is escorted by model Egyptian Pharoah representing Ptolemy XIV.

QOB-HIFW2013-2Queen Cleopatra VII is the most documented, written about, and studied female ruler in ancient Egypt. Cleopatra is portrayed as a great beauty, and her successive conquests of the world’s most powerful men (Julius Caesar and Mark Antony) are taken as proof of her aesthetic appeal.

Kenyan (Maasai) Queen Of The BridesRepresenting Kenyan (Maasai) Queen Of The Brides.

Additional designs include the following:

egyptian queen hatshepsutRepresenting Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut

qob-hifw2013-5Representing Queen Tiye of ancient Egypt

queen Eleanor Gown, necklace and necklace by Queen Of The BridesRepresenting Queen Eleanor of England Gown