TeKay Designs:Queen of the Brides at Tiffany’s Fashion Week NY


Couture Fashion Designer and Creative Director Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs, Inc. returned to New York for September 2015’s Spring/Summer 2016 New York Fashion Week and joined the lineup of designers for Tiffany’s Fashion Week New York International Fashion Extravaganza.

Held last September 14th at the Grand Ballroom of The Plaza, Tiffany’s Fashion Week New York International Fashion Extravaganza served as a competition and platform for International designers, “whilst organizing New York manufacturing of their garment production and agents to market and sell their collections globally.”  Wreh featured her signature “Queen of the Brides Collection” during the 6pm designer showcase.

“Our signature Queen of the Brides collection offers luxurious bridal and formal gowns based on women of royalty and significant social status throughout history, and are accessorized with high-end fashion necklaces, headpieces and/or veils,” said Wreh.  “For Spring/Summer 2016, our couture bridal gowns will exude opulence, fine laces and flattering silhouettes reminiscent of Old Hollywood Glamour.”

Press conference for said event was held last September 13, 2015.

View photos of the fashion show here.

Photo credits: Danny Gbawar of Next Level Multimedia

Queen Of The Brides collection by TeKay Designs at Alhambra Ballroom’s 4th annual bridal show in New York


Each year, Harlem’s historic Alhambra Ballroom celebrates the start of the wedding season with a showcase of culinary delights in the opulence of their Grand Ballroom. Beneath the draped chandeliers, local wedding vendors joined in to display their specialties in bridal services for budding couples. For this year’s event the Alhambra welcomed a refreshing, new approach to their presentation lineup by showcasing ethnic bridal gowns created by TeKay Designs “Queen of the Brides” gown collection. The Queen of the Brides is a prestigious and award winning luxury brand with design and production in Houston Texas and Ghana, Africa. The Fashion Designer, Ms. Kimma Wreh is internationally recognized for her ethnic inspired, and Afrique-Chic fashion creations.

Photographer: Macintosh Smith

Photographer: Macintosh Smith

“Queen of the Brides introduced a re-imagination of the conventional wedding. When we saw photos of these dresses on the Internet we knew the Queen of the Brides gowns would be a great fit for our bridal showcase.” explains Alhambra’s CEO Tracey Dechabert. Harlem is a place of history, ethnic diversity and there exist a cultural pride about African aesthetic. Harlem’s brides need to see that there is a cultural alternative to contemporary bridal fashions. The gown, just like cuisine can set a tone to your wedding day that intuitively shares your families heritage. The fusion between cultural fashions and cultural foods can be an experience that resonates throughout generations.” Says Dechabert.

Photographer: Macintosh Smith

Photographer: Macintosh Smith

Queen of the Brides offers formal gown creations that includes quality pieces of jewelry that reference a historical time period. The collection exemplified diverse cultures, as each gown represents a woman of royalty who has left an indelible mark on humanity. The collection included gowns named after Queen Nefertiti, Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, Queen Cleopatra Selene II, Queen Ankhesenamun of Egypt, Mumtaz Mahal – Mughal Queen of India, Queen Manta Tisi of South Africa, Queen Padmini of India, Queen Amina of Zaria Nigeria, Queen Nzingha Amazon of Matamba West Africa, Empress Candace of Ethiopia, Queen Consort Margherita of Italy, etc. The menswear line is culturally inspired  with aesthetic themes that ranges from historic to contemporary design.

Photographer: Macintosh Smith

Photographer: Macintosh Smith

“We are really honored to have been asked to present Queen of the Brides to the Harlem community. New York is a melting pot of ethnic cultures and that’s what makes this city an ideal place to present gowns that represent queens from varied cultures. Now, anyone can express their heritage and be a royal bride.” Explains Fashion Designer, Kimma Wreh.

Photographer: Macintosh Smith

Photographer: Macintosh Smith

The bridal showcase was interactive, entertaining and offered a variety of food dishes for sampling. The fusion between fashion, food and music stimulated every sense to create an experience that offers couples unique cultural ideas for creating their special wedding day. Dechabert stated, “Harlem is also growing more culturally diverse and we wish for this bridal showcase to be all-inclusive with vibrant cultures.  At the Alhambra, we take pride in delivering on request for many types of international cuisine from our ethnically diverse clients.”

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Zuri Concepts provided video testimonial of TeKay Designs: Queen Of The Brides at Alhambra New York Bridal Show. Zuri Concepts is a boutique design studio located in Downtown Jersey City, New Jersey, specializing in custom invitations and stationery.

Precious L. Williams (CEO at Perfect Pitches by Precious and Curvy Girlz Lingerie, LLC) gave endorsement of TeKay Designs: Queen Of The Brides showcase at the Alhambra Ballroom’s 4th Annual Bridal Expo in New York. Thank you.

(video by Khristina Brown Production)

Queen Of The Brides at New York Uptown Fashion Week

Houston based design label TeKay Designs presented it’s formal collections of evening and bridal creations at Uptown Fashion Week in New York City at United Palace Theater, 4041 Broadway, New York  last Thursday, February 12, 2015.
Uptown Fashion Week has now established itself as a crucial stop on the fashion circuit. Proving to the fashion community that Uptown Manhattan must be a considered player in the New York City world of fashion. This year’s February show provided an insight into the top trends for Fall Winter 2015 with celebrities and designers showcasing their creations on the catwalk. This bring us up Broadway to Northern Manhattan for Uptown Fashion Week 2015.
TeKay Designs offers couture bridal, formal gowns, pageant dresses, statement fashion jewelry, and trendy ethnic designs. We specializes in handcrafted pieces that appeal to clients who appreciate elegance with a contemporary twist. The inspiration for TeKay Design’s signature Queen of the Brides collection is the monarchies from historical civilizations around the world. The gowns are based on women of royalty and power throughout history. Each look is accessorized with high end fashion necklaces, headpieces or veils.
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All photos courtesy of Studio M Photography.

Queen of the Brides at #ABlackXmas Fashion Show + Toy Drive

Eli Bell and WhiteWolf put together a very intimate and artsy fashion event in EaDo, Houston. The night entitled, A Black Christmas was a fashionably covert charity event benefiting Make Your Mark. Guests brought toys to be donated to the organization Make Your Mark that will be given to less fortunate families this Christmas Holiday.

TeKay Designs and several other up and coming designers previewed designs in front of the 50 or so patrons that night. Before the night was over Indie Rap group, Honor Roll JBC performed. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the next Fashion event from Eli Bell and White Wolf.

TKXmas0301 TKXmas0451 TKXmas0291 TKXmas0071

Queen of the Brides at Houston Fashion Week

TeKay Designs released their Crown Collection of high end evening dresses and pageant gowns, and their signature Queen of the Brides collection at the fifth season of Houston Fashion Week.

Houstonians celebrated a week of fashion and philanthropy during the annual Houston Fashion Week showcased at the JW Marriott Hotel. Notable dignitaries in attendance were Trinelle Mc Hughes-Thomas from the City of Houston (Mayor’s office), Miss Houston, Miss Teen Houston, Mrs. Texas Int’l, Miss Jr. Lone Star State and Miss Teen Texas. The event spanned six days; and is produced by a group of local models, fashion photographers and style enthusiasts who are in support of Houston’s local Fashion Designers. There was a silent auction of dresses created by the participating designers to help raise financial support for the National Spinal Cord Injury Association’s chapter in Houston. The catwalk was wheelchair accessible, making this the first wheelchair friendly runway format for the Houston Fashion Week event.

During the awards segment, one designer, Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs was awarded the Best Couture Designer and Best Bridal Designer title for the “Queen of the Brides” gown collection and the “Crown Collection” of formal gowns. Kimma Wreh also won the Best Fashion Designer of the Year award.  The voting was based on scores by affiliate networks of the event, which included the Houston Fashion and Beauty Chamber. TeKay’s Queen of the Brides Collection is a high-end bridal line with each gown representative of a historic woman of power and social significance from different countries around the world.  The line is heavily influenced by ancient Egyptian and European styles and adorned with lavish accessories. The bridal collection carries white and cream colored gowns with gold trimmings. This season the line introduces a silver ensemble into the bridal collection. The bridal gowns were created using silver pleated satin fabric inserted into a silver metallic lace, which offers women a striking appearance.

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Queen of the Brides at the African Bridal Affair Fashion Show

TeKay Designs, a bespoke couture house based in Houston showcased her beautiful collection on Sunday April 6th, 2014 at the African Bridal Affair fashion show in Irving, TX. Her designs wowed the crowd. TeKay Designs presented her “Queen of the Brides”, a collection of gowns with accessories that are historic and have a cultural significance. She had earlier exhibited the unique line at the 2014 New York Fashion Week.


Queen of the Brides at Houston Intercontinental Fashion Show (Day 2)

TeKay Designs showcased their Queen of the Brides collection at Houston Intercontinental Fashion Show last 23rd of November 2014.

At the Intercontinental Bridal Show, TeKay Designs will showcase a broad range of gowns and fashion jewelry from their Ethnic Bridal, Modern Bridal and Queen Of The Brides collections. TeKay’s gowns are global and span designs that have cultural elements from Asia, Europe and Africa. The Bridal collection includes modern (traditional), non-traditional and multi-cultural designs. The label’s signature Queen of the Brides collection offers high-end bridal and formal gowns that include quality pieces of jewelry representative from the same time period. The gowns are based on women of royalty and power throughout history and are accessorized with high end fashion necklaces, headpieces or veils. The Queen of the Brides collection is inspired by monarchies from historical civilizations around the world.

The Intercontinental Bridal Show is considered the largest multi-cultural bridal show in Houston, the 4th largest city in the U.S. The show is about bridging the gap between cultures. As an international, forward thinking city, we now have a bridal show that represents all aspects of our city. The Intercontinental Bridal Show will help attendees in planning a wedding, an anniversary or special occasion. Vendors will range from caterers, dress makers and designers, event venues, photographers, videographers, and everything you need to plan your dream wedding. KoumanKe’le African Dance & Drum Ensemble is scheduled to perform.


Queen of the Brides at Houston Intercontinental Fashion Show (Day 1)

As a featured designer and sponsor of the Intercontinental Bridal Show, award winning TeKay Designs embraced diversity by featuring gowns from various countries around the world and the first model in a wheelchair.  Deborah Grayson Carpenter (National Spinal Cord Injury Association Ambassador) graced the runway in a couture gown that was released at the Intercontinental Bridal Show, making this the first wheelchair friendly gown by TeKay Designs. The event was held at Hilton Houston Southwest located at 6780 Southwest Freeway, Houston, Texas 77074 from 10 am to 6 pm. The TeKay Designs fashion show was held at 4 pm on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2014.

“TeKay Designs is committed to making a difference in the lives of women who are disabled by giving them the opportunity to look and feel glamorous. We want to open doors for women with spinal cord disabilities to share the catwalk during a moment of glamour.  Deborah Grayson Carpenter has a positive can-do attitude and great outlook on life despite her disability which is highly remarkable.  The gown will be given to Mrs. Carpenter to keep as a gesture of good will. This opportunity is about spiritual uplifting and helping to make Mrs. Carpenter’s dream come true”, states Fashion Designer Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs.


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Queen Of The Brides at Couture Fashion Week New York

TeKay Designs, a bridal couture house based in Houston, Texas, presented its Queen of the Brides collection in New York. The design concepts are sophisticated shapes in fine fabrics, textures and colors.

The design house opened its show with an acoustic soundtrack of a chorus, chromatic luminance and a branded light projection. Models walked down the runway in sophisticated bridal gowns in fine fabric, colourful embroidery, and intricate beading details. For spring 2014, TeKay is offering specials to brides who are looking for matching bridal party dresses, gown accessories or statement jewelry pieces and bridal creations for themed weddings.

TeKay’s fashion designer and creative director, Kimma Wreh describes the collection as, “Each season, new gowns are added to the collection. Women of royalty are represented from all over the globe through these gowns. Places such as Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East are represented. The gowns express cultural themes that resonate with many cultural groups’. “This is why it was so important for the Queen of Brides collection to be presented in New York City during Fashion Week. New York is a melting pot of cultures, and I am proud to present a bridal collection that acknowledges style aesthetics that many cultures have contributed to society”, she added.

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