TeKay Designs Represented Liberia at UNESCO Hosted Fashion Show in Paris, France

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The United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Education (UNESCO) hosted the global edition of the Africa Fashion Reception (AFR) Paris last 29th October, 2016 in its Place de Fontenoy headquarters. Award-winning TeKay Designs (founded by Liberian Fashion Ambassador / Designer Kimma Wreh) represented the Republic of Liberia as the country’s top designer at this prestigious event.

The UNESCO hosted fashion show in Paris constituted the global edition of Africa Fashion Reception (AFR) involving fashion designers, dignitaries, Ambassadors and media from over 30 African countries, in a celebration of cultural diversity. TeKay Designs showcased two-2 collections at the AFR Paris event: Pride of Liberia collection comprised of Liberian-made tie-dye and country cloth apparel, and Queen Of The Brides collection with couture gowns representing women of significant social status from various countries around the world.

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Watch Ms Kimma Wreh’s remarks about the event here

The African edition of AFR was hosted by the African Union in its headquarters in Addis Ababa Ethiopia from 13th – 15th September, 2016. TeKay Designs showcased their Spring 2017 “Pride of Liberia” collection.  Activities held during the African edition included the first African Fashion Business Summit and exhibition, and fashion show by each of the participating countries including Liberia.  Wreh spoke to fashion summit attendees about the Liberian fashion industry, encouraged investment in Liberia and patronage of Liberian textiles, apparel, accessories, arts and crafts. Ms Wreh also visited the Liberian embassy in Paris, France and interviewed Hon. Excellency William Allen, Liberia’s ambassador to France.


Watch Ms Kimma Wreh’s interview here


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Humanitarian Mission of Fashionable Clothing to Liberian Youth and People

In an era where fashion brands are associated with fashion design, production, and retail, it is refreshing for fashion designers to have a humanitarian mission of helping under-privileged children and adults.  Fashion designer Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs (a Liberian owned international fashion brand) teamed with the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation to distribute used and new clothing from Texas (USA) to children, teens and adults in Fanti town within Marshall City, a fishing community on the outskirts of Monrovia (Capital city of Liberia). Majority of Liberia’s population are estimated to live below the international poverty line and many children and adults do not have basic necessities like clothing, food and shelter.
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The clothing distribution team received a warm welcome from the City Mayor, Mr. Robert P. Williams, and local official Mr. Borbor Weah of Fanti town, on August 1, 2015. The beneficiaries of the clothing donation were 125 women and children who chanted songs of praise to TeKay Designs and the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation Liberian team for their commitment and kindness. Over 350 people from Fanti town and surrounding towns gathered for the distribution, and they requested others who have means of helping youth in Liberia to assist in humanitarian efforts.
2015-08-01 08.46.33
The clothing distribution was carried out on behalf of TeKay Designs by D. Emmett N. Potter (Senior Country Representative, Liberia Chapter), Emmanuel D. Kpoto (Secretary General, Liberia Chapter), Anthony Rogers (Director for Vetting and Recruitment), Massa Manguoe (Member) and Ernest Jackson (Member) of the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation in Liberia.

2015-08-01 08.46.46

2015-08-01 08.49.47“The people of Marshall City are in desperate need of better health care, water and sanitation, clothing, school and educational supplies. Majority of Marshall City’s population are comprised of children and young people. We are thankful to TeKay Designs for the opportunity to make a difference.”stated Emmanuel D. Kpoto. “The Bill Rogers Youth foundation Liberian Chapter appreciates the effort and humanitarian gesture by Fashion Designer Kimma Wreh of TeKay Designs towards the Liberian children, and we pray that this initiative shouldn’t be the last but the beginning of many donations.” stated Mr. D. Emmett Potter.

“I was overcome by joy when I saw the pictures of the children and the women receiving my clothing donation. TeKay Designs has a strong commitment to help and uplift the underprivileged people of Liberia. Many thanks to Gajee Shipping LLC for shipping the clothes, and to the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation for distributing the clothes to those in need, on behalf of TeKay Designs.” said Ms. Kimma Wreh (Fashion Designer and Creative Director of TeKay Designs).

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