African bridal gowns by TeKay Designs at the Ultimate Wedding Showcase

The ultimate in African wedding gowns and ethnic bridal dresses was on display in New York City during the annual bridal showcase that is hosted by Circle of Sisters and WBLS Radio. The guest brides appeared to be in awe over the display of colorfully designed bridal gowns. One may think, once you’ve seen one white wedding dress, you’ve seen them all. However, these are no ordinary wedding gowns. On display was the launch of the ‘Queen of the Brides’ collection by TeKay Designs.
13_Tekay_Bridal_Expo_2013TeKay Designs presented wedding gowns and groom’s attire that represents matriarchs from ancient civilizations. Brides who want an event that’s to be remembered for generations invest in a theme that’s centered around the bridal gown. And no theme is more compelling than that of your heritage. 4lg

Each runway model displayed cultural bridal attire and ethnic gowns inspired by the ancient thrones of Africa. The models portrayed Queen Sheba of Ethiopia, Queen Mumtaz Mahal of India, and Egyptian queens Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Tiye, Ankhesenamun, and Hatshepsut.
08_Tekay_Bridal_Expo_2013The presentation wouldn’t have been complete with out a Pharaoh to escort each Egyptian queen. After all, shouldn’t every bride have her own bare-skinned Pharaoh?
17lg1614Each fashion look features an aesthetic embellishment such as a necklace, bracelet, veil or headpiece that’s of cultural or historic relevance. Veils have been a traditional wedding staple for years; dating back to the 13th century BC.
12algAncient Egyptian queens wore a range of elaborate crowns and head pieces linked frequently to the Queen’s role as a goddess such as Isis.

In modern times, the veil is more a symbol of wedding elegance, and a fashion accessory that complements the dress.The bronze metallic headpiece has gold beads and scales and is a historical replica of headpieces worn by Egyptian Queen Cleopatra.
39_Tekay_Bridal_Expo_2013Queen Nefertiti’s gown has hand stitched golden crystal trim, appliqués and beads.
But the jewelry and headpieces complete the look. The glass necklace with pearls, crystals and hand blown faceted glass beads has a distinct, royal Egyptian look. The gold, silver, and rhinestone headpiece and armbands with a crystal appliqué in it’s center added a finishing touch of regal beauty to the ensemble.
32_Tekay_Bridal_Expo_2013However, the gowns that are inspired by culture, such as the Maasai wedding dress are equally as regal. The Maasai people in Kenya are a proud nomadic warrior tribe whose women wear elaborate and colorful beaded necklaces and bold earrings.

56_Tekay_Bridal_Expo_2013The TeKay fashion line-up also included flower girl dresses with embroidered colors to match the ethnic bridal gowns.
11a As an option, TeKay’s gowns can be ordered with a set of matching bridesmaid’s dresses and groomsmen’s attire to complete a theme wedding ceremony.
19TeKay’s cultural gowns and jewelry are fused with western silhouettes, and can be worn for occasions beyond the wedding date.
6lg8lgCreative Director Kimma Wreh introduced the ‘Queen of the Brides’ collection that was launched early this year. “We are very excited to introduce our new bridal collection. Each dress is unique and has never been seen in the New York market. New York is known for trend-setting fashions so it’s important that the Queen of the Brides collection be well received by style conscious New Yorkers. We are also very proud to showcase at an event where African-American brides are the focus. TeKay Designs offers a cultural option for brides who want to add meaning to their wedding by incorporating their African culture into the affair. Sharing your culture does more than define you, sharing your culture completes your entire family. It’s a gift that transcends to future generations”, say’s Wreh.

During the event, TeKay Designs offered a free ethnic bridal gown give-away for a lucky bride that entered their promotional contest. So if you’re a bride who is inspired by culture, and is worthy of royalty; this promotional opportunity was certainly for you.

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TeKay Designs at The Ultimate Wedding Showcase in New York

TeKay Designs At The Ultimate Wedding Showcase

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TeKay Designs will showcase select couture African wedding gowns and ethnic bridal dresses from their Queen Of The Brides and Ethnic Bridal collections at the Ultimate Wedding Showcase hosted by WBLS and The Circle of Sisters on April 27, 2013,.  The event will be held at the Hilton New York hotel (1335 Avenue of the Americas between 53rd and 54th Streets, New York City).  The event website is

TeKay Designs will showcase select African-inspired and embroidered wedding gowns from their Ethnic Bridal and “Queen of the Brides” collections at the fashion show.  TeKay has been diligently creating ethnic bridal gown concepts that personify royalty. The “Queen of the Brides” collection offers high-end wedding gowns that personifies royalty and includes quality jewelry, veils or headpieces.


The inspiration for the Queen Of the Brides collection are historical fashion icons from ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, Ghana and South Africa. The gowns represent women of power throughout history and are infused with cultural elements from a distinct time in history.

Queen Cleopatra Selene II Gown of Egypt

According to Creative Director, Kimma Wreh, “We will be releasing several new wedding gowns at the Ultimate Wedding Showcase fashion show. This includes ethnic bridal gown designs with cultural beading from East Africa or hand stitched embroidery from West Africa. We are looking forward to showing our line at the fashion show, and we invite you to come out and view our line”.

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For more information on TeKay Designs, or any other inquiries, send email to  or call 832-969-5961. You can also visit our website at, follow us on Twitter @tekaydesigns  or like us on Facebook at TeKay Designs has a showroom in Houston Texas that is open by appointment only and is located at 2500 E. TC Jester Blvd, Houston TX 77008.

Queen Mumtaz Mahal Gown

Queen Of The Brides

“Queen of the Brides” is a limited edition collection that features historical couture bridal gowns complete with jewelry and headpieces, a staple of Tekay Designs’ aesthetic. TeKay has been diligently creating ethnic bridal gown concepts that personify royalty. The inspiration for the Queen of the Brides collection are historical fashion icons from ancient civilizations of Egypt, India, and South Africa.


The gowns represent women of power throughout history and are infused with cultural elements from a distinct time in history. The initial collection includes gowns named after Queen Nefertiti of Egypt, Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt, Queen Cleopatra Selene II of Egypt, Queen Ankhesenamun of Egypt, Mumtaz Mahal – Mughal Queen of India, and Manta Tisi – The Queen of the Wild Cats in South Africa.


Each bridal ensemble is worn with a headpiece or veil, jewelry and elaborate embroidery or beading stitched onto the gown. The fabrics include silk, embroidered lace, beaded Dupioni silk,  Duchesse satin, Poe de Soua, Aso-ake, Vintage lace trim, crystal and rhinestone trim.  The dominant colors in the collection are gold and silver which is symbolic. In ancient Egypt, yellow was the symbol of gold and immortality, white represented happiness.


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