Queen Ankhesenamun of Egypt Gown

This gown is named after Queen Ankhesenamun of Ancient Egypt. Hand woven luxurious aso-ake fabric (hand woven in West Africa) is used to make this royal dress, detachable train, and hat.


Dress has Egyptian collar adorned with gold trim and cowrie shells.

The side split below knee adorned with cowrie shells is sexy.

Dress also has detachable train lined in gold satin with lace trim around edges.  The train is also covered with hand stitched and embroidered Sankofa symbols, Gye Nyame Adinkra symbols, and cowrie shells.  The exquisite headpiece is decorated with gold lace trim and the gold veil is edged with gold trim.

Matching bride and groom’s attire

QOB6-Ankhesenamun-30D2 Ankhesenamun_3

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